From A Mess to Amazing

Your Past May Be a Mess, but Your Future Can be Amazing!

Stop sitting on the passenger side of life. Take the wheel and learn how to create the life you deserve!

From a Mess to Amazing:

7 Steps to Create the Life You Deserve

In From a Mess to Amazing: 7 Steps to Create the Life You Deserve, Trina shares how she overcame the effects of abusive relationships, poor choices and low-self-esteem, and her roadmap to self-love, true freedom, and joy. With personal stories and inspiration, Trina will help you:


  • Get clear about who you truly are 

  • Realize your mistakes don’t define you

  • Know you’re worthy of all God has for you 


Unlike with traditional self-improvement books, Trina shares her real-life experiences, lessons learned, and wisdom gained through the years, which she puts into actionable steps so you can change your mindset, release bitterness, and start loving yourself to elevate your life and pursue your God-given destiny.

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