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The day I enlisted in the military nearly thirty years ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew was that I needed a path toward the life and career I was destined to have, and making that choice would help me get there. Throughout my years coming up through the ranks, pursuing my education, and building my career in IT, I’ve failed more times than I can count!


Thankfully, I didn’t let those failures stop me from achieving my goals. Instead, I used them as fuel to keep me pushing forward. With every presentation I give as a speaker, my desire is to tell the honest truth about how I did that, and inspire whoever’s listening with my story.


If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker for your next conference or event, you’ve found one in me! Insightful and inspiring, my talks will leave your students, staff, or women’s group ready to strive for the impossible and achieve their dreams.


Podcast Movement 2019

Houston Association of Corporate Counsel

TSA 5N5 Cyber Workshop 

Podcast Movement 2019



Communication Technology

How do you communicate?

  • Are you a business that still relies on email to disseminate important information to clients and employees?  

  • Do you have clients and employees in multiple locations that need training, but you have a limited travel budget?

  • Do you have multiple systems, but they don't work cohesively together so you spend more time switching between applications instead of having an efficient workflow?


Let me help you identify technology solutions that will stop your frustrations.

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